Jewellery Care

Sterling silver jewellery tarnishes - that's an unfortunate fact.

I recommend avoiding chemical dip cleaners altogether. If you use one, after you've dipped and rinsed well, clean the piece with lots of soap and water, rinsing well after, and dry with a soft cloth.

My brushed finish pieces can easily be cleaned using a white art eraser rubbing on the surface.  If that doesn't quite do it, as sometimes lotions, sunscreens, sweat etc. can inbed into the brushed finish, use an old toothbrush with baking soda and water and scrub until clean.  Using dishsoap first helps get rid of any oils and the baking soda can take care of the tarnish.

Shiny silver pieces should be very carefully cleaned with a jeweller's polishing cloth.  Don't rub too vigorously or the surface could get scratched - which is very visible on a shiny piece.  If you don't have a polishing cloth, you can try cleaning with a cloth that would be suitable to clean glasses as it likely won't scratch.

My copper pieces are heat-treated with a torch flame to achieve the wonderful coloured oxidation layers.  I  seal them with a special non-toxic clear coating to keep the special colours vivid and to prevent any reactions with skin. This makes them maintenance-free!  Do not use any chemical cleaners or dip solutions as it could compromise the coating and damage the finish. 

Titanium pieces are pretty much maintenance free as well, the colour being sturdy and permanent.  It can be scratched off, and I imagine sunlight might fade it.  Sometimes they can get dull from wearing, but a quick wash with soap and water generally brightens up the colour.  It can be put in silver dip cleaner without damaging, so combination pieces with silver are ok to clean that way.

There are several other methods to remove silver tarnish that you can search for on the internet using borax, boiling water and a glass container lined with aluminum foil.  They do work, but take time, so be patient when trying them. Here is one link to check out: